Accessibility is a fully managed solution for your animal shelter.

  • No software to install
  • Accessible from anywhere with any web browser
  • Works with all computer operating systems, tablets and smartphones (including Windows, Mac and Linux)
  • Translated to 15 languages, fully supports many locales including USA, Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Lithuania, Russia, Greece, Italy, Turkey, etc.
  • One fixed, low price, payable quarterly, half-yearly or annually for all our features and continual improvements
  • No limit on the number of records or users

Animal and Person Management Features has lots of great features for helping you manage the animals and people related to your shelter:

  • animal intake, movements and outcomes (adoption, reclaims, transfers, etc)
  • advanced movements, including holds, quarantine, permanent foster, trial adoption/foster-to-adopt
  • boarding kennel and vet/clinic management
  • diets, medical treatments and tests, vaccinations and journals
  • diary/task management
  • unlimited users, role-based permissions management and audit trails
  • contact management, membership, donors, fosters, vets, volunteers, staff and your own categories
  • animal control with case management, calls, dispatch, citations, trap loan/rental and licensing
  • document and contract generation, mailing labels, bulk emailing/fundraising
  • costs and financial management
  • non-shelter animals for clinic administration
  • staff and volunteer rota management
  • add your own fields to the system, search and report on them

Reporting Features is endlessly customisable for generating reports:

  • timeline view shows at a glance what happened and when to all animals in care
  • customisable reports and graphs
  • repository with 752 (and counting) pre-made reports and graphs ready to use
  • organisation and country specific reports, including Asilomar Accords, ASPCA Aggregate Figures, Best Friends Data Matrix, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Hills Science Diet, NSW/VIC Government Figures, Petco Foundation,, SPCA Transfer Partner Spreadsheet
  • paperwork generation and storage
  • bulk email
  • mail merging and label printing
  • RSPCA figures generation for UK shelters
  • RSPCA standard forms including adoption, transfer of ownership, etc.

Document Features contains a full word processor and online application form facilities:

  • standard adoption contracts, invoices, cage cards included and fully editable
  • document storage and archiving with all records
  • secure electronic signatures via any mouse/pen/touchscreen device, no paper required!
  • sample application forms included for adopters, volunteers, fosterers, animal observations, etc
  • create your own application forms that can be submitted directly into ASM from your website
  • application status management, automatically create ASM records from application forms

Publishing Features can integrate with your existing website and publish to popular pet adoption sites as well as register new owner information with microchip databases:

  • fully customisable adoptable animal website generation to your own site, hosted space with us or embedded iframe
  • HTTP API to allow access to adoptable animal data from existing WordPress/PHP/other shelter websites
  • automatic daily publishing to,, and other partner adoption sites
  • post adoptable animals straight to your shelter's Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest and other social feeds
  • automatically register microchip details with and other partner microchip providers and registries
  • automatically send your intake and outcome stats to

Payments and account management can manage income from various sources:

  • mobile adoption checkout for new adopters to sign their paperwork, pay and make an optional donation
  • mobile checkout to allow license holders to pay and renew their animal licenses
  • regular donations, fees, sponsorship, payments and voucher support
  • full double-entry accounting package built in
  • profit and loss and balance sheet generation
  • track events and fundraising campaigns
  • break figures down by payment categories and methods, etc.
  • UK gift aid support and HMRC spreadsheet generation
  • request money from customers via PayPal or Stripe and update payment records automatically

Animal Control Features has features for animal control facilities and police departments:

  • incident/case management and investigations
  • dispatch, email call details straight to field officers
  • bite records
  • citations and fines
  • trap loan and rental
  • licensing
  • alerts for undispatched calls, unpaid fines, unreturned traps...
  • live map of ongoing cases to assist with dispatch routing and trends

Mobile access

ASM's user interface is already touch device friendly. adds a streamlined task-based interface to allow common tasks to be performed quickly via your smartphone:

ASM's user interface is already touch device friendly. adds a streamlined task-based interface to allow common tasks to be performed quickly via your smartphone:

  • create and attach log entries to animals
  • perform and complete diary tasks
  • administer vaccinations and medical treatments
  • produce reports
  • manage homechecks
  • call up and view shelter animal data
  • receive dispatches and respond to animal control incidents
  • check license information in the field
  • take photos with your mobile device camera and attach to shelter animals
  • act as an electronic signature pad for customer paperwork

The data center runs from secure data centers in the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia:

  • Your data is secure, safe and backed up offsite every day
  • High speed internet links, with guaranteed uptime
  • Separate clustered database servers ensure high performance and no contention or busy times with shelters in other time zones.
  • Privacy - Your data is the property of your shelter. We do not sell, modify or use your data in any way.

Importing data

We can take care of importing your data for you from your old software provider and can import data into your new account from:

  • ASM Open Source (any version)
  • AdoptAFriend
  • Anilog
  • AnimalShelterNet
  • Ark
  • Barrk
  • iShelters
  • Multiple Options
  • PetFinder
  • PetPal
  • PetPoint
  • PetStablished
  • PetWhere
  • RescueGroups
  • ShelterBuddy
  • ShelterLuv
  • ShelterPro
  • To Your Rescue
  • Trackabeast
  • VetRescue
  • Access Databases
  • Excel Spreadsheets