Partners partner with adoption websites, grant/data organisations, lost and found animal websites and microchip providers to make life as easy as possible for our customers to get the maximum exposure for their adoptable animals, automatically register adopter details with pet microchip registries and to produce figures and reports for grant organisations.

Web Development Tools and Services

BrowserStack is an innovative service that allows us to perform live testing of our software in over 1,100 real web browsers.
Linode are our main hosting provider, offering secure and reliable hosted servers in multiple locations around the world.
Cloudflare are our CDN provider, caching content closer to our customers and protecting our servers against attack.

Adoption Websites

USA Canada Mexico PetFinder are one of the most popular pet adoption websites covering the USA, Canada and Mexico.
USA Adopt-a-pet are North America's largest non-profit pet adoption website.
USA Rescuegroups are a non-profit offering many services to rescues. ASM can send your animals to their free pet adoption portal, which will then send the data on to many more adoption websites. See their complete list
Australia PetRescue are the most popular pet adoption website covering Australia.
Australia SavourLife are an Australian dog food company, who donate 50% of their profits to rescue groups, publicise adoptable animals and give free food to new adopters.
UK Adopt Animals is a non-profit pet adoption website, run by a Scottish charity, for animals in the UK. Contact them to have your listings included for free.

Grant and Data Organisations

USA Best Friends are the largest no-kill shelter in the USA. They run a number of initiatives to help reduce the number of animals killed in shelters. ASM can calculate the necessary figures to complete their annual matrix with a single report and supports exporting machine-readable CSV data to them.
USA Canada Doobert co-ordinate volunteer transportation of animals between areas of differing demand in the US and Canada to help more animals get adopted.
USA Maddie's Fund are an organisation dedicated to reducing the number of healthy animals that die in shelters each year. ASM can generate Asilomar Accords figures and integrates with "Maddie's Pet Assistant" - an innovative mobile app aimed at fosterers and adopters.
USA Canada UK Petcademy provides text messages based behavioral support and online training to fosters, adopters and pet parents considering surrendering their pet.
USA Petco Foundation offer grants and support to animal welfare organizations in the US. ASM can generate annual figures in the format they require.
USA are a database project, aimed at gaining insight into the number of healthy animals that die in shelters. ASM can automatically update your figures with SAC via their API completely automatically.

Lost and Found Animal Websites

USA Finding Rover are an innovative lost and found matching service that use facial recognition to find lost pets.
USA HelpingLostPets are a free service where lost and found animal listings can be posted across the USA.
UK PetsLocated are a UK-based service aimed at reuniting lost pets with their owners.

Microchip Providers and Registries

USA AKC Reunite are the largest non-profit Pet ID service and microchip registry in the USA.
USA BuddyID is a US microchip manufacturer who also offers a completely free microchip registry where any brand of microchip can be registered at no cost.
USA FoundAnimals/24Pet are a non-profit, offering a completely free microchip registry where any brand of microchip can be registered.
USA HomeAgain were one of the first microchip suppliers and registries in the USA.
USA SmartTag offer Pet ID tags as well as microchip products with lifetime registration.
UK Avid are one of the largest and most popular microchip suppliers in the UK.
UK idENTICHIP is the UK's original microchip supplier and microchip registry.