"Our new director is in love with your customer service and system... and has started recommending Shelter Manager to others that are looking to change. As far as we're concerned, you're the best in the business."

Will Stapleton, Humane Society of New Braunfels Area, TX USA

"I just want to say thank you to you for such a fantastic program and such a quick response when I have questions. I can't get over how good this is and I'm in danger of becoming a bore - people are starting to glaze over when I mention ASM!"

Sara Atkinson, Founder, Yorkshire Cat Rescue, UK UK

"If you are considering ASM, just do it! We have been impressed with the responsiveness to our MANY questions as well as the power of this software! It is leaps and bounds ahead of our previous software! We are so happy we made the change!"

Pam Sims, Humane Society & SPCA of Hancock County, OH USA

"Soi Dog has been using ASM for several years. It's a great system which we simply could not do without! ASM is designed to effectively meet the animal tracking needs of both small and large shelters. It's easy and intuitive to use and is backed up by friendly, fast and very capable technical support."

Leonard Coyne, Soi Dog Foundation, Thailand Thailand

"Are you sure your service makes enough money to cover you for doing this? Its really reasonable and absolutely brilliant you know!"

Jacquie Neilson, Founder, Rain Rescue, UK UK

"We recently converted our shelter to Animal Shelter Manager and haven't once looked back. It provides much more flexibility in so many areas than we experienced with past systems. There are so many wonderful features, such as a snapshot of the entire shelter. It is provided via "Shelter View" that instantly displays all available kennel locations and current kennel assignments with animal ID, name and photo on one screen. This enhances the ability to use the "drag and drop" function to instantly update records and locations without the time-consuming function of opening and updating records. One of the many selling functions for us was remote access, particularly via tablets for the ACOs while in the field. It has eliminated the need for "radio" communication. You won't need to worry about technical support either from ASM -- it is exceptional -- and the price of their system is unbelievable! I would recommend converting to ASM for any animal shelter or rescue. In this case, size doesn't matter -- large or small. They can support them all."

Joseph Barlow, Director, Jackson County Animal Shelter, MS USA

"The customisation, efficiency and level of detail that ASM provides is second-to-none. I can confidently say that ASM has revolutionised our charity. It is powerful, reliable and packed with features. And if you don’t want to be overwhelmed with the features, you can simply hide them! ASM grows with your shelter, as you need! We love the “Medical Diary” that gives us a snapshot of animals due for vaccinations/sterilisation surgeries, “Shelter View” that gives us a snapshot of all animals in care and how easy it was to integrate our “Available Cats” from ASM into our website. As a foster-care-only rescue group, my absolute favourite feature is the “Foster Carer Capacity” which shows vacancies at a glance, very handy for when you need to make a fast decision. ASM helps us do our bit for the environment too; the customisation of electronic receipts and other online documents means we have already HALVED the paper we were using, and we have plans to reduce that even further with ASM. We also love that no request or query is too big for the awesome support team, and they respond in a flash. I actually don’t know how we used to function before ASM! THANK YOU!"

Casey Fiorenza, Secretary, Mid West Cat Shelter, Western Australia Australia

"The flexibility within the system to meet many of our specific needs is really incredible! The abundance of user defined fields has helped the system conform to our needs, versus us having to change the way we do things to accommodate the system. We are also extremely impressed with the responsiveness and support we've received whenever questions have come up."

Julie Rutledge, Humane Society of El Paso, NM USA

"My experience using ASM has been nothing but fantastic. I found the database very easy to learn my way around, which is important when time is so limited. And the functionality is second to none, not least of all because the software is constantly being developed based on our (the users') feedback. The software can be tweaked according to your own unique needs. With a very affordable price and first-class customer service to boot, ASM has proven to be one of the best things that ever happened to our animal-rescue work. We love how it helps makes life so much better for our staff and animals. Thank you!"

Sean McCormack, The PACK Sanctuary, Taiwan Taiwan

"Shelter Manager is an amazing piece of software. It is almost fully customizable, and if there is something you want to add, remove, or customize that you can't make happen, customer service can often make it happen for you. It has made managing our rescue's animals, health records, online listings, bookkeeping, and adoptions much easier. The customer service is top notch and extremely helpful; I often get answers or resolutions the same day (even during off-hours). I highly recommend investing in Shelter Manager."

Shannon Latzke, Director of Marketing and Media Communications, Stray Haven Feline Rescue, MO USA

"We love ASM! With it, we have been able to return 95% of the animals to their owners within hours, if not days of them being picked up. That is a terrific stat in my opinion."

Tina Gauthier, Animal Control Officer, Cut Bank Animal Shelter, MT USA

"ASM came at just the right time to solve our biggest headache, which was that our online database and our web site did not communicate. Most of our requests for adoption or surrender of dogs came via online forms from our web site. Also much of our membership work, fundraising and special events travelled the same route. Everything had to be transposed from one system to the other or into a third element to manage the intake and adoption processes. Not anymore. ASM has revolutionised our processes overnight and brought them together in one place, one system, one way. But the process is also two way - our available dog's thumbnail pictures and brief description are dynamically published to a summary page without any intervention by a human! There is still so much to grow into, but we are excited to travel this path. Not only is ASM so flexible, configurable and detailed but the service and support has been outstanding. They managed to import and convert all of our current data which was not in great shape through multiple iterations until it was spot on. It is not an overstatement to say that ASM is revolutionising the operational work of Greyhound Rescue Wales and the price of their system is unbelievable! I too would recommend converting to ASM for any animal shelter or rescue."

Andy Jackson, Trustee, Greyhound Rescue Wales, UK USA

"At Centre County PAWS in State College, Pennsylvania, we've been using Animal Shelter Manager 2 for many years, but recently switched to ASM version 3 online with full support. When we first used ASM 2, it was primarily used by a few volunteers to maintain some animal inventory and to drive our Web site. We maintained several other "databases" for various reasons. When we updated our Web site and, consequently, migrated to ASM 3.0 in the cloud, it opened up a new world for us. Not only are we able to drive our new, mobile-friendly Web site via built-in functionality, but it has changed how we do business at PAWS. Since it's Web (and app) driven and interfaced, it has allowed us to open up the system to many more volunteers and has replaced the many various databases and allowed us to use a single management information system. Each day we learn of a new feature or use for ASM 3. Further, it seems like each week or month, ASM announces a new or improved feature. I have found technical support to not only be extremely responsive, but also highly effective and very friendly. All of our volunteers have found it easy to use. Using granular permissions, I'm able to grant them access to only the parts of the system that they need and use. Our workflow has improved and our volunteers have real-time information to share with our guests who are looking to adopt. I enthusiastically endorse this product for any animal shelter considering Animal Shelter Manager."

Bob Conn, IT Director, Centre County PAWS, State College, PA USA

Quotes from the media

"When one thinks of animals one might think of something soft and furry; well, that's not Animal Shelter Manager. ASM is a solid product. And jam-packed with pre-configured species, breeds, and much other information needed for running an animal shelter... ...Add in tons of features and a well made product and one can clearly discern the author did this out of care for animals. ASM is one of the better written products I've seen and the fact it is free - whether open source or proprietary, free or outrageously expensive - is a hands down argument clincher in favor of Open Source and a definite blessing to those who manage an animal shelter."

The Business Guide to Free Information Technology

"The huge number of unwanted pets in the world is a large and growing problem. You can address the problem personally by spaying or neutering your pet, not buying from pet stores, and patronizing your local animal shelter. If you want to do something on a larger scale, you might consider opening an animal shelter yourself. As a user of free and open source software, you’ll want to use Animal Shelter Manager to run your operations."

Animal Shelter Manager Tops Proprietary Alternatives - SourceForge Article