Retiring of the mobile app

The sheltermanager mobile app for Android and iOS has now been retired with effect from 1st November 2023.

You can continue to access sheltermanager on your mobile device by visiting in your browser app (eg: Safari, Chrome or Firefox).

The page at will prompt for your sheltermanager account number and let you choose to use the desktop interface or new mobile interface.

You can add this page to the home screen on your mobile device to get an app icon and have it treated just like an app.


Tap the share button (middle bottom, square with an arrow pointing upwards)

Choose "Add to Home Screen"

Modify the name if needed and tap Add


Tap the "burger" button at the top right (3 dots)

Choose "Add to Home Screen"

Modify the name if needed and tap Add

We have chosen to retire the app for a number of reasons:

  1. Originally, we were forced to create an app in order to access the camera hardware of mobile devices and to read photos from the gallery. Today, mobile browsers are incredibly capable and offer web applications comprehensive access to device hardware without the need for a dedicated app.
  2. It is difficult to fix bugs and maintain a mobile app on multiple platforms due to the fact that mobile build tools and app APIs are a constantly shifting target. It's extremely time consuming for us to keep on top of and it's frustratingly slow for users to receive app fixes and updates.
  3. Due to app security models and partly due to the app toolkit we used, some standard browser features simply don't work in the app. For example, we had to have a separate photo upload interface in the app because the normal upload functions in the desktop/mobile interfaces don't work. In addition, things like viewing PDFs had to be supported directly by us with a library (which Apple recently broke) instead of the device using its built in PDF support. Other binary media types such as OpenOffice and Word documents won't work at all in the app. Printing is not and cannot be available through the app. None of these things are issues in a mobile browser.