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ASM 34

ASM 34 is now available.

This release includes:

ASM 33

ASM 33 is now available.

This release contains:

AKC Reunite Microchip Registration

ASM can now automatically register AKC Reunite microchips through the VetEnvoy service. You can signup for VetEnvoy under Publishing->Set Publishing Options. As with other microchip registration support, ASM will automatically register the chips to the new owner when animals are adopted.

SmartTag Microchip Integration

ASM has been able to send tag info to SmartTag for the last four years, however we've now streamlined and improved the process to automatically register their microchips too - and it's now even easier to set up!

If your shelter uses SmartTag microchips (or doesn't but would like to), then all you need to do is give SmartTag a call/email to a get an account number.

Put that account number into ASM and it will take care of the rest - as soon as any of your animals that have been implanted with SmartTag chips or have a collar tag are rehomed, ASM will register the new owner information automatically. The service is free.

Hosting Price Increase

With effect from the 14th May, 2014, our prices will be increasing to:

Currency 3 months 6 months 12 months
United States Dollars$95.00$160.00$310.00
UK Pound Sterling£55.00£100.00£185.00
Australian Dollars$100.00$175.00$330.00
Canadian Dollars$100.00$180.00$340.00

There are a number of factors that have influenced this decision:

  1. Our prices have remained unchanged since 2009, so inflation has eroded the value of subscription payments.
  2. 3 years ago, we were managing all our customer databases on a single high performance server. We're now operating a farm of 12 such servers with that number going up every few months to maintain the current levels of service.
  3. We've invested in other areas and services, such as extra infrastructure for hosting adoptable animals for our customers.
  4. Support takes up considerably more of our time than it used to. We've hired another member of staff to help make sure we still have developer time for features, improvements and bespoke reports/data imports/etc.

We think continues to represent the best value shelter management package available. So far this year alone we've added animal control, online forms, automatic microchip registration with a number of popular providers and we don't intend to stop there! Our roadmap includes more great features like volunteer time management, clinic administration, drug/stock management, purchase ordering, additional smartphone functionality and point of sale.

If you choose to renew before the 14th May, 2014 - regardless of when your next renewal date is - you can pay your next subscription payment at the current prices through the "Renewal Information" section of the my account page.

HomeAgain Microchip Registration

ASM can now automatically register HomeAgain microchips through the VetEnvoy service. You can signup for VetEnvoy under Publishing->Set Publishing Options. Support for AKC Reunite is coming soon. As with other microchip registration support, ASM will automatically register the chips to the new owner when animals are adopted.

ASM 32

ASM 32 has been released. We've changed our version numbering system to account for the fact that minor/build numbers didn't really make sense any more with a web application and to drop the leading 3.

This release contains:

ASM 3.3.1

ASM 3.3.1 has been released. The release contains:

ASM 3.3.0

ASM 3.3.0 has been released. The release contains:

ASM 3.2.2

ASM 3.2.2 has been released. This release contains:

ASM 2.8.14

ASM 2.8.14 has been released. This release updates ASM2 to use Java 7 and has fixes for the database script parser (allowing compatible dumps from ASM3).

ASM 3.2.1

ASM 3.2.1 has been released. This release contains:

ASM 3.2.0

ASM 3.2.0 has been released. This release contains:

ASM 3.1.1

ASM 3.1.1 has been released. This release adds support for the PetLink microchip service, IE10 and some cosmetic and bug fixes. A new facility allows you to set your own shelter logo and splash screens through the Extra Images page and most importantly, this release adds the ability to put additional fields on other animal and person tabs, this is our most requested feature ever, so Merry Christmas everyone!

ASM 3.1.0

ASM 3.1.0 has been released. This release adds new publishers for and It also adds label printing to the mail merge facilities, new annual figures and reports, a document repository, a sample set of 4,000 names for random name generation, the ability to exclude individual images from publishers and bugfixes.

ASM 3.0.9

ASM 3.0.9 has been released. This release adds the ability to exclude selected images from publishing, person merging, RTL support for Hebrew and Arabic, IP address logging for fail2ban and management tools, a recommended set of reports, Bulgarian and Bosnian translations, along with many bug fixes.

ASM 2.8.13

ASM 2.8.13 has been released and contains bug fixes and maintenance for the ASM2 branch.

ASM 3.0.8

ASM 3.0.8 has now been released and contains many bug fixes and improvements, including Norweigan language support, iPhone/Android image uploads from within the smartphone interface, default donation amounts and extra diary functions for the smartphone interface.

Facebook Sharing

ASM3 running under now allows you to easily post animals to your shelter's Facebook page. Simply click the Facebook button on the animal details screen. The posted text is configurable and you can choose which Facebook feed to post to in the publishing options screen.

ASM3 Windows Update

If you downloaded and used the windows installer, you should download the latest ASM3 package as it contains a missing component from the previous installer - daily tasks for publishing and updating denormalised data. In addition, you will have to move the asm.db file from C:\Program Files\ASM to C:\Users\YOURUSER if you got an early version of the 3.0.2 installer as the old location caused problems with UAC.

ASM3 released!

ASM3 is finally released! Download installers, packages and source from here!

Multiple Currencies

We can now accept payment in a selection of world currencies. This avoids shelters not knowing what their regular payment will be due to currency conversion rates.

ASM3 out of beta!

ASM3 is now out of beta and we have a stable release candidate. The last few changes are being made before public release.

ASM3 beta open!

ASM3 beta is now available for all customers!

ASM3 alpha testing

ASM3 alpha testing is now underway with a select group of shelters. Email us if you'd like to participate through your account.

Smartphone Interface Improvements

The smartphone interface now allows you to lookup and view details for any of your shelter animals. It has also been given an overhaul and ported to use JQuery Mobile. This makes the whole thing a little slicker and also adds some performance improvements.

Server Maintenance

The server will be down for 30 minutes of maintenance on 2nd November between 21:00 and 23:00 GMT

User administration user administration is now taken care of within ASM again. There's no need to go to the my account page to add and remove users.

Homecheck support in mobile interface

The mobile interface now allows you to mark homechecks complete on person records.

No more subscription management with PayPal

We're no longer using the PayPal subscription system. We now have our own system, which prevents accidental payments by shelters and solves the issues involved with renewing a cancelled subscription. All existing subscriptions have been cancelled. You can now renew through the my account page.