About sheltermanager.com

sheltermanager.com is a fully managed solution for your animal shelter.

Animal and Person Management Features

sheltermanager.com has lots of great features for helping you manage the animals and people related to your shelter:

Reporting Features

sheltermanager.com is endlessly customisable for generating reports and paperwork:

Publishing Features

sheltermanager.com can integrate with your existing website and publish to popular pet adoption sites as well as register new owner information with microchip databases:

Payments and account management

sheltermanager.com can manage income from various sources:

Animal Control Features

sheltermanager.com has features for animal control facilities and police departments:

Mobile access

sheltermanager.com allows certain common tasks to be performed via your smartphone:

The data center

sheltermanager.com runs from a secure data center:

Importing data

We can take care of importing your data for you from your old software provider and can import data into your new account from: