In addition to creating standalone websites with animals up for adoption, ASM can also integrate with They run a service at that allows updating of multiple online services (including Facebook and Petsmart). See their for information on which services they update.

You will need to go to Internet->> Settings first. Here, you should enter the hostname of the FTP server (typically, along with the shelter ID and password given to you by

Once you've done that, you can choose the Publish to menu item. The options for filtering animals are the same as for the other publishers.

The ``upload all images'' option will upload all animal media images, naming them CODE-X.jpg (starting at 1 for the web preferred media). ASM will only include upto 4 images as do not support more than this.

Note: The publisher uses the PetFinder breeds and species mappings so you should make sure that you have PetFinder mappings for all your breeds and species before using the publisher (the publisher will give an error message if any species or breeds do not have mappings).