Animal Shelter Manager is a computer package designed to ease the administrative burden of managing an animal shelter, rescue group or animal control facility. It integrates well with existing paper-based systems, and offers a whole host of features, including:

  • Adoption history facilities, allowing full animal tracking

  • Advanced media facilities for attaching photographs, documents, spreadsheets, videos and sounds.

  • Animal control management, including complaints, bite records, dispatch and citations

  • Automatic insurance number generation for pet insurer agreements

  • Diary management, including medical treatments and vaccinations.

  • Full reporting facilities, including auditing, financials, statistics and graphs.

  • Complete double-entry book keeping system for account management.

  • Request money from customers via third party payment processors.

  • Stock control system to manage drugs, food and other items.

  • Flexible custom reporting allows editing, saving, emailing, embedding in documents, direct uploading to the internet and conversion to many different word processor formats, as well as built in tools to generate your own reports.

  • Form creation facilities for instant generation of adoption paperwork, reservation cards etc.

  • Electronic signatures with any touchscreen hardware allow completely paper-free document archiving.

  • Web site generation to allow a wider audience to see your animals

  • Publishing to adoption websites, including, and

  • Automatically update microchip companies, including AVID/PETtrac, AniBase, AKC Reunite, SmartTag, PetLink and HomeAgain

  • Lost and found database facilities with intelligent matching system

  • Owner and donation management, including UK Gift Aid support, HMRC GiftAid spreadsheet generation, homechecking, banned owners, etc.

  • Sophisticated animal search facilities allowing staff to locate animals and records quickly

  • Bulk mail shotting, label printing and email facilities based on filtered criteria

  • Customisable online forms for adopter/foster/volunteer applications, etc.