FTP Settings

To take advantage of the automatic uploading facilities, you will need to know your FTP settings. These are issued to you by your ISP when you get an account with them. The most important thing is the FTP Host - this is an address that uniquely identifies the FTP server on the internet. Typically, it starts with ftp. - eg: ftp.btinternet.com. However, this is only convention, and they can be called anything. If you cannot get hold of this, you may also use the FTP server's IP Address (if you know it).

You will need a user name and password for your FTP account (typically the same as your logon to your ISP to get onto the internet through dial up networking if you are a modem user).

Animal Shelter Manager also lets you choose the FTP port (a virtual socket number for communication), however, it is extremely rare that an FTP server runs on anything but port 21 - certainly for ISPs hosting space, so you are safe generally to leave this value at 21.

The final item is the webspace root. If you have not uploaded any kind of site previously, simply leave this blank. This field can contain a relative path to a directory on the remote FTP server where you would like to put your site. Useful if you do not want your site uploaded to the root of your FTP space.

For more information about FTP contact your ISP or system administrator.

To enter these settings in Animal Shelter Manager, navigate to Internet->FTP Settings