Automatically with Acceptance Numbers and Litter IDs

Under this method, the system will check all the animals in the litter daily and the moment the last one has left the shelter through a means other than fostering (if the ``Foster animals are shelter inventory'' option is on), the litter will be cancelled. This method is 100% accurate and once you have entered the litter, you do not have to do anything else - the system will take care of it.

From the litter logger main screen, you can highlight a litter and call up all the animals in that litter. The litter logger main screen will also show you how many of the litter animals are currently left on the shelter.

This method works best when employed with the ``after a specific time period'' option, so you create the litter and give it a timeout date (when all the animals in the litter will be too old to constitute a litter - ASM will default this date for you as 6 months when you create a new litter). This way, the litter will expire on the day the last animal is adopted out, or the timeout date - whichever comes first.

Note, some shelters book in mother and litter together on the same acceptance number/Litter ID - the system can cope with this quite happily as animals under 6 months old are automatically excluded when using the acceptance number scheme.